23.5–8.6 2014 Candyland

Neckel Scholtus


Vernissage fredag 23 maj 2014 kl 17–22


Photography, the frozen image/medium, is often sought to understand the movement in my artistic approach, yet a tool that invites to counter the rhythm.

It is this paradox that I would also like to emphasise in my exhibition at Candyland, as an attempt to address this issue by appealing to the moving image following the tradition of road movies, specifically with photography.

I have tackled this as means to generate images and as a research subject using my caravan converted into a camera obscura, the “roulot'ographe”.

I use certain tactics to create or recreate the idea of temporality, movement, mapping, narration in the midst of multimedia work. I take photos with my digital camera inside my camera obscura, to which I also invite people.

From this work of shooting pinhole photographies, which are projected onto nonlinear surface tissues to produce a surreal-looking picture, I reproduce these images with my digital camera to turn it into a narrative sequence, just like a movie.


Annick Sophie “Neckel” Scholtus, born in 1982, lives and works in Luxembourg as an artist and photographer. She studied Arts at Montpellier University and did her Masters in Photography at Paris VIII University.

In 2009, she creates the project called “Roulot'ographe”, a moving caravan turned into a Camera Obscura.
She mainly develops her artistic project in relationship with the public, in particular through the angle of residencies, but also by being a free-lance mediator in cultural frameworks.
In 2010, she gained the status of independent professional Luxembourgish artist.
Her work has been exhibited in France, Luxembourg, China, Germany and Switzerland.

Neckel Scholtus är inbjuden av Mattias Larson