25.4–18.5 2014 Candyland

Hale Güngör Oppenheimer


Vernissage fredag 25 april 2014 kl 17–22

”Split” är en undersökning av den flyktiga hemkänslan och en skildring av möbler som ett medel för vilseledande. Den typ av hem det handlar om är hemmet för någon som förlorat många, vilket gör det flytande och kryptiskt.
Då den ursprungliga användningen för möbler främst var för transport härstämmar ordet mobili på italienska, meuble på franska eller möbel på tyska alla från mobilitet. I detta sammanhang är de svävande möblerna i rummet helt gjorda av flyttlådor, vilket antyder föreställningar om rotlöshet samtidigt som de ger ett kortvarigt intryck av domesticitet. Under tiden skapas ett andra lager av inhemska föremål genom metodisk manipulation av ljus och skuggor. Detta lager av projektioner överlappar möblerna och lämnar åskådaren (eller den tillfälliga invånaren) med en dubbel illusion.

Hale Güngör Oppenheimer är intresserad av mellanrum och resultaten av att byta hem. Hon har tagit sina kandidatexamina på Parsons School of Design i Paris (Fri Konst 2004) och på Pratt Institute i New York (Måleri 2010), samt sin masterexamen på Konstfack i Stockholm (Textil i det utvidgade fältet 2013). Oppenheimer representeras av Pg Art Gallery i Istanbul och bor och arbetar i Stockholm sedan 2010.


“Split” is an investigation of the fleeting sense of home and a portrayal of furniture as a means of deception. The specific type of home that is dealt with is that of someone who has lost many, and therefore quintessentially fluid and cryptic.

Since the original utilization of furniture was mainly directed towards transportation, the word mobili in Italian, meuble in French or möbel in German were all derived from mobility. Within this context, the pieces of furniture floating in the room are made entirely out of cardboard moving boxes, hinting at notions of unsettledness while simultaneously giving a short-lived impression of domesticity. Meanwhile, a second layer of domestic objects is created through the methodical manipulation of lights and shadows. This layer of projections overlaps the pieces of furniture, leaving the viewer (or the momentary inhabitant) with a twofold illusion.

Hale Güngör Oppenheimer is interested in in-between spaces and the outcomes of relocation. She holds her BFA degrees from Parsons School of Design in Paris (Fine Arts 2004), and Pratt Institute in New York (Painting 2010), and her MFA from Konstfack in Stockholm (Textile in the Expanded Field 2013). Oppenheimer is represented by Pg Art Gallery in Istanbul and has been living and working in Stockholm since 2010.

Hale Gungör Oppenheimer är inbjuden av Andreas Ribbung


14.5 2014 Candyland

Lilian Nabulime

Arts in public health for global benefit

Minivernissage på Candyland onsdag 14 maj 2014 kl 18–21

Karolinska Institutet anordnar heldagseventet Art for global public health and learning för att inspirera studenter, lärare/forskare och andra verksamma inom KI:s utbildningar till att se konstens möjligheter att främja folkhälsan på ett globalt plan och ett medel att stimulera till ett aktivt lärande. Klockan 9–15, Föreläsningssal Samuelsson, Karolinska Institutet, Tomtebodavägen 6, Solna.

Lilian Nabulime är inbjuden av Johan von Schreeb.

7.5–8.5 2014 Candyland

Zines of the Zone

Tour event #35 in Stockholm Sweden

Onsdag 7 maj 2014 kl 18–21, torsdag 8 maj 2014 kl 13–16

Zines of the Zone at Candyland
We usually believe that the artists communicate emotions and express ideas. We suppose that it is their reason of being. That's why we find appropriate that public institutions or private sponsors support some of them. In the time of Niccolò Machiavelli that role was taken by rich princes. They invited artists to decorate their house to shine brighter than other princes’ houses. Apparently, it's seems to be a win-win situation because the artists need resources not only to produce art but also to show it. Meanwhile, we can wonder about the tastes and the motivations of the princes. They surely make art happen as long as it fits their ways. So we can also wonder: How independent is the art production? Who is really in charge, communicating emotions and expressing ideas? And what if artists produce things by themselves without compromise to satisfy a sponsor?

Zines of the Zone is a project run by young French photographers traveling through Europe to collect and show photo books auto produced by photographs. On the 7th of May, they will be at Candyland to present their ambulant library and make it grow. Welcome and have a look at pictures made by independent artists, individuals communicating emotions and expressing ideas for the beauty of it.

Jean Ploteau

ZINES OF THE ZONE is a mobile library dedicated to selfpublished photobooks, photozines, and any DIY printed matter related to photography.

The photobook phenomenon is increasing and becoming trendy: more and more photographers and graphic designers explore its possibilities, more and more galleries and collectors are attracted by these objects. As these objects are limited in their edition and as they are sold at a fair price, they appear to be quickly sold out - and for that reason, out of reach, hard to find.

Considering this, we started to think about the idea of creating a library.
Our aim is to create a public collection so that anybody can have a look at this printed matter, whether it is sold out or not. This collection would act like a memory, a permanent place for the these quite-ephemeral objects : a place where the books continue to live, give inspiration, be manipulated. We consider self-publishing as a practise of its own, and it deserves to be shared.

From january to july 2014, we travel across Europe by van, in order to meet people involved into the self-publishing scene. We want to get a deep understanding of how is self-publishing considered in Europe, who are the makers and why do they make DIY printed objects. In each of the 50 cities of our tour, we organize a pop-up event.

ZINES OF THE ZONE is supported by the European Commission (Youth in Action Programme), Ville de Nantes, and Région Pays de la Loire.

Check our updates on ZINES OF THE ZONE's Facebook page
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Have a look at ZINES OF THE ZONE's books/zines collection
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Zines of the Zone at Fabrica de Pensule in Cluj, Romania, 30 March 2014

Zines of the Zone är inbjudna av Jean Ploteau.