28.9–14.10 2012

Scott Daniel Ellison (US)

Mouth of a Cave
Recent paintings

Vernissage fredag 28 september 2012 kl 17–22
På scen kl 20: Live Audo 1929, Ghoulish Cartoons interpreted by Nathaniel Glasser and Katt Hernandez

därefter öppet fredag 10–16, lördag–söndag 14–17, tom. 14 oktober 2012.

Efter vernissagen fortsätter det på Hammarby Artport, Virkesvägen 26, Hammarby Sjöstad
”Allegori” – ett allkonstverk av Mattias Larson. Baren öppnar 22, föreställning 23, dans till 03.

Since childhood Scott Daniel Ellison has had a fascination with both the natural world and the supernatural. Growing up in rural New York State he would often search the meadows, farms and ponds near his house looking for wild animals, old bones, ruins and anything else that would excite him, real or imagined. This curiosity inspires much of his work to date.

Scott Daniel Ellison has had several solo shows in NYC. His work has also been shown in Los Angeles, Venice and now Stockholm. He was also chosen for an IMPULSE solo show at the 2010 Pulse: Miami Art Fair. Most recently his work was featured in the leading British art and fashion journal Dazed and Confused (Ghost Train Paintwork/Scott Daniel Ellison by Francesca Gavin). In 2012 he was awarded a Fellowship in painting from the New York Foundation for the Arts. This is his first show in Sweden.


Kontakt Candyland: Malou Bergman, malou@glimp.se