10.2–26.2 2012 Candyland, Gotlandsgatan 76

Alexander Peroutka (CZ)

Collective Errors

Den tjeckiske konstnären Alexander Peroutkas installation, en bassäng med kringflytande skräp och videofilm med intervjuer på offentliga platser, vill väcka frågor om privata och offentliga intressen i urban miljö.

The water basin installation occupying the gallery room represents an approximately neutral public place. It is a place where the various remnants of our one or more days´ valued things meet. However, even though the room is public, it doesn’t even mean that it is available to all. There is no sense of permanency, and all is subject to flux and change.

Public spaces are in a constant state of flux and are currently shrinking in favour of entrepreneurship and competition for business growth worldwide. So, although public places seem to be in the public domain, they have in fact often already been sold off, leaving people isolated in an ever-diminishing realm of connectivity.

The litter and remains of our small private joys, and the results of hidden market mechanism are circulating inside the pool, switching places in reflection of the material metamorphic cycles evident within urbanized spaces.

The basin is there to remind us of that which we value and is there to be compared to the personal interviews being presented on loop in the next room of the gallery.

Kontakt Candyland: Mattias Larson