3.12–19.12 2010 Candyland, Gotlandsgatan 76

    Margareta Lekic
    Zoran Vukosavljevic



    Vernissage fredag den 3 december kl 17–22

    Öppet lördag–söndag 14–17, t.o.m. 19 december 2010

    Video still: “Dialog”, 2010, video installation, 2'1''46'''

    Margareta Lekic & Zoran Vukosavljevic
    “Dialog”, 2010, video installation, 2'1''46'''

    This multichannel video projection, entitled “Dialog”, is a collaboration between two artists. On two opposing walls there will be a video projection of each artist catching and throwing a ball.
    This social interaction is a representation of the basic principle of every society. Action and reaction is ever present between all people.  In this case, throwing is the action, and catching is the reaction. Every action demands reaction – which is itself an action – and in this way, we get a infinite circle. In "Dialog" we are physically depicting that communication.
    Communication distinguishes us as developed creatures and continues to develop us, sociologically, intellectually, and in all other ways. If every social being is developed by his or her society, then the individual and the society both grow.
    By playing this child-like game of throwing the ball we are symbolically tying this communication to innocence.
    With this interaction, we are portraying a positive image of communication in society.

    Margareta Lekic was born in 1982 in Osijek, Croatia. She got her BFA in the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2007. Currently she is at that same institution in the doctoral course in the sculpture department. She has exhibited at a number of collective and individual shows in Croatia and abroad.
    Zoran Vukosavljevic was born in 1984 in Osijek
    , Croatia. He got his BFA in the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in  2010. Currently he is at that same institution in the MFA program in the sculpture department. He has exhibited in few collective show in Croatia and abroad and had one individual show.

    Margareta Lekic and Goran Vukosavljevic where invited to Candyland by Andreas Ribbung.