Hammarby Artport (HAP)

• A place for production and exhibition.
• A terminal for import and export of artistic expression.
• A platform for building and supporting cultural networks.

HAP is a place of work, which is open to public some of the time. On these occasions you can see art exhibitions or take part in other forms of artistic experiences. Along side of temporary exhibitions, a number of works by innovative artists are represented in a showroom where the works under exhibit are continuously changed. By means of video conferencing technology HAP opens a portal and gives access to the global art scene in real time. HAP also serves as a group of visual arts consultants. In the way of a first project, HAP is collaborating with Fabege Fastigheter to lead public arts projects in the neighborhood. 

HAP from Virkesvägen.

HAP during the preparations for the inauguration.

Candyland's connection to HAP

The artist-run gallery Candyland in Stockholm and HAP has 5 mutual members. In 2006 Candyland was looking for a bigger space for temporary exhibitions. Candyland also wanted a place for art production and for projects capable of financing the exhibition program. Therefore Candyland initiated Hammarby Artport at Hammarby Fabriksväg 43. Candyland continues to organise exhibitions in the space on Gotlandsgatan.

Link to Candyland's website: